American Heroes: On The Homefront (Hardcover)

Heroes on the Homefront
Heroes on the Homefront
Manufacturer Threshold Editions

A collection of stories about men serving our country, including Tim's story. Written by Olliver North and Bob Hamer.
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Combat-decorated Marine Oliver North delivers a riveting firsthand account of the extraordinary young American volunteers - the best and bravest of their generation - who stepped forward to defend us from radical Islamic terror.  For more than a dozen years North and his award-winning documentary team from Fox News Channel's War Stories have traveled to the frontlines of the War on Terror to profile the dedicated men and women who serve our nation in harm's way and chronicle what it truly means to e a hero.  This time, he follows them from the battlefield to the homefront and finds extraordinary inspiration in their triumph over life-altering adversity.  Including Tim Lee's story.

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