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Born on the Fifth of July

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Born on the Fifth of July

An autobiography of Evangelist Tim Lee.

In 1989, Tom Cruise starred in the Oscar-winning movie Born on the 4th of July, based on the true story of a Ron Kovic, an embittered paralyzed Vietnam veteran who became a very vocal anti-war protestor.  Although understandable based upon his life experiences, I consciously chose not to be poisoned by all that had been thrown in my path.  I consciously chose a different route, God allowed me to experience 'post traumatic growth' in my healing journey. 

My story differs from the one Tom Cruise portrayed.  I was not born on the 4th.  I was Born on the Fifth of July.  For me, that means that, by God's grace, I was born in America, and He enabled me to follow the example of my father and serve my country in our nation's military.  It means I salute the flag and pledge my allegiance to 'one nation under God.' It means there are some things worth fighting for, and, if need be, worth dying for.  I'm proud to be an American and proud to be Born on the Fifth of July!

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